Recital of young performers of lyrical art

The National Opera of Bucharest organized Sunday morning a foyer recital to promote the young talents of lyrical performance.

With an interesting staging concept, the production surprised the public with the start of each performance, by sitting most of the singers within the public metamorphosed as young kids with their smartphones, alternating with performances displaying luxurious opera gowns on the grandiose staircase of the foyer.

Not the only production of ONB to provide it’s public this unexpected way to experience lyrical art – also “Mozart & Salieri” foyer concert used the element of surprise and closeness to the public.

Interesting program, proposing arias of Mozart, Donizetti, Puccini, Verdi, but also less commercial Jules Massenet and Francesco Cilea.

The recital presented young singers with promising futures ahead.

The most outstanding of the male voices: Cristian Ruja, with a great technique, he needs to overcome his shyness and embrace the stage acting for a thorough interpretation; Mihai Raicea with a good voice command and emission, with just a more accurate pronunciation of Italian double consonants will be amazing!; and Antonio Morariu that caught everyone’s attention with an effervescent performance, although at times with an unclear pronunciation, he inspired great energy.

Amongst the female voices Elmas Mehmet and Lorena Sanda delivered very engaging stage performances, beyond their beautiful voices, the interaction with the public, direct eye contact and communication made a huge difference.

The star of this morning was Maria Georgiana Dumitru, with an aria of “Cendrillon” by Jules Massenet, offered a one of a kind experience with a unique timbre and impeccable technique. A touching performance, letting the public foresee a humble performer. We warmly recommend her to explore the baroque repertoire, as she definitely has promising skills for it.

Piano accompaniment: Anatol Rogut

Stage direction: Alex Nagy

Coordinator of “Ludovic Spiess” Experimental Studio of Entertainment: Adriana Moisescu

Sunday, June 2nd 2019